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What will NCIS do?

Here are the steps I take with a client:

1. After you contact me, I will visit your site and identify or confirm the invasive species that may be there. I will document its location with map coordinates and estimate the area we have to deal with.  We will talk about what your objectives are.  I will get a “before” picture, a baseline image.


2. I will provide suggestions for dealing with your invasive plant issue. Suggestions will depend on the:

     a. actual plant,

     b. life cycle of the plant,

     c. soil type,

     d. slope of the site,

     e. proximity to open water,

     f. distance from any wells or water sources,

     g. presence of non-target plants,

     h. distance to other owners' land, and

     i.  what you want this treatment to accomplish.


3. We will discuss options--which will vary depending on the plant(s) in question and what your objectives are --and come up with a plan. Strategies for controlling your invasive species may be cultural (manipulating the growing environment), biological (introducing another plant or animal that will consume your invasive species), mechanical (physically removing the plant via cutting, pulling, or other methods), and/or chemical (applying herbicides). We may employ more than one control method.

4. We will execute the plan, which can happen in one of several ways:

     a. If you want to do part of the work, I am happy to work with you.     

     b. If you want to do it all, I am OK with that.

     c. If you want me to do it all, I am OK with that too.

We can come up with a plan that works for you. PLEASE NOTE: Most invasive species treatment plans do not provide 100% control after the first efforts, so follow-up visits may be needed so we can assess the remediation status.


5. Once the remediation is complete, we will take an “after” picture.

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